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Wrinkles, sun damage, etc. – signs of ageing also show on a person’s skin and are very noticeable, especially on the face. There are a variety of cosmetics that can at least achieve a slight improvement. However, especially with complaints and symptoms that affect the deeper layers of the skin, they remain ineffective, as do many medical treatments whose effects are not strong enough. Women and men who want a more youthful appearance do not have to think of surgery right away. There are also non-surgical measures that produce a desired effect. One of these is the phenol peel. However, because a phenol peel is the strongest of all options, comparable to a facelift, it is never the first treatment choice or entry point to anti-ageing treatments.

Dr Duve has been an expert in the field of phenol peels for many years, which many doctors do not specialise in due to its complexity and the necessary level of experience. It is the strongest chemical peel, which also works in the deeper layers of the skin. Let us advise you in a personal consultation.



Starting at EUR 4,000, the phenol peel can only be used on the face


About 120 minutes


Local anaesthesia with twilight sleep


About six weeks

Advantages of a phenol peel

  • Reduction of deep to very deep wrinkles
  • Effect also in the deep connective tissue, i.e. tightening of the subcutaneous tissue
  • Permanent result

Treatment areas for phenol peels

Only on the face

What is a phenol peel and how does it work?

The phenol peel is a chemical peel. Since it represents the strongest variant in this area, it is considered the gold standard. The selected solution also penetrates deep layers of connective tissue, softens deep wrinkles, reduces pigmentation disorders with strong manifestations and tightens the damaged connective tissue. In contrast to superficial and medium-deep peels such as the fruit acid peel or trichloroacetic acid peel, treatment with phenol has a clearly visible lifting effect. Besides the smoothing effect, it is worth mentioning that it can also improve dry or even oily skin. The more intensive the application is, the stronger the effect of the phenol peel. CAUTION! A phenol peel should only be performed by an experienced doctor. Dr Duve can adjust the intensity to each individual patient. The effect of the peel is based on regeneration of collagen and elastic fibres in all layers of the skin. This effect lasts for many years. The natural facial expression and individual facial expressions are preserved, but the skin can also permanently retain a slightly lighter skin tone.

For whom is the treatment suitable?

In the context of a superficial phenol peel, the application can lead to a more refined, vibrant skin appearance. Generally, however, one goal of the phenol solution is to reach deeper layers, so that the peel is mostly used for the treatment of:

  • Medium-deep and deep wrinkles,
  • Scars (e.g. acne scars),
  • Keratinisation disorders,
  • Severe pigmentation disorders,
  • Some preliminary stages of skin cancer,
  • Severely sagging skin

However, the peel also leads to skin lightening, so it is not suitable for people with dark skin colour. Inflammatory skin rashes as well as skin, liver and kidney diseases are also typical contraindications. Moreover, the phenol peel can only be used on the face.

Which zones/areas can be treated?

The phenol peel is only suitable for the treatment of facial skin. It cannot be used in other areas of the body because of potential scarring.

What should be considered before treatment with phenol solution?

Every phenol peel is preceded by a detailed consultation in which we also explain the necessary preparation phase to our patients. It is important to prepare the skin for the peel over a period of at least four weeks. This is done by applying special creams, which you will receive from us in advance. Certain shower gels, bleaching agents or antioxidants can also be used. The objective is to cleanse the skin optimally, prevent irritated skin and reduce potential pigmentation disorders as much as possible. Skin regeneration is also stimulated. It is also important to avoid sunbathing and visits to tanning studios in general during this period.

How does the treatment work?

Since the phenol peel is associated with pain, we recommend a local anaesthetic with twilight sleep with the help of an anaesthetist, who also monitors all parameters during the peel. The treatment takes about two hours and is followed by a monitoring period in the practice. First, the facial skin is cleansed. After a short while, the phenol solution is applied. Now the area is covered with protective plasters that neutralise the solution and are removed after 24 hours. The antiseptic powder applied afterwards forms a firm scab that remains on the skin for about one week.

What should I consider after the treatment?

Important fact: the application of the phenol peel is associated with a recovery period of at least four weeks. Only then can you resume your usual social activities. Following the treatment, you may experience a burning sensation and pain. Painkillers can alleviate the discomfort. Strong facial expressions should be avoided during the first few days; it is important to take it easy on the face and keep it still. As soon as the powder mask is removed, our patients must follow a special aftercare plan with special skincare and sunscreen. Proper hygiene is absolutely necessary here. Sunbathing and visits to tanning studios in general must be completely avoided for the first 12 weeks. Special cleansing of the skin is also recommended in the period thereafter. We will of course inform you about the appropriate products, including for the recovery care. During a phenol peel, the skin is completely regenerated. It is therefore very sensitive and should not be exposed to strong sunlight in the long term. With consistent sun protection, the result of the phenol peel can be maintained for a long time.

When is the result visible and how long does it last?

The first results can be seen about two to three weeks after the phenol peel. However, it can take a few weeks longer until all redness has disappeared. All in all, a healing process of about half a year can be expected; during this period, the skin tightens considerably. The effects of a phenol peel can last between 10 and 15 years.

How much does the treatment cost?

We will give you an exact cost breakdown during a detailed consultation. It always depends on which skin problem needs to be treated and how pronounced it is. However, you should expect to pay at least EUR 4,000. Feel free to make an appointment in our practice.

What side effects can occur?

The phenol peel is one of the strongest peels and should therefore only be performed by experienced doctors, such as Dr Duve. In this case, serious side effects rarely occur. Pain, redness and swelling after the treatment are quite normal; these discomforts subside after some time. People with darker skin colour may experience a noticeable lightening of the skin, but we generally advise against the phenol peel in this case.

Frequently asked questions about the phenol peel

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

How much does a phenol peel cost?

We can only provide exact information about the costs after a detailed patient consultation and a skin analysis. Prices start at EUR 4,000. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

For whom is a phenol peel not suitable?

A phenol peel should not be used on dark skin types due to the brightening effect. The treatment is also not suitable for people with inflammatory skin infections and patients with heart, liver and kidney diseases. Dr Duve also does not treat patients under the age of 40.

Can the phenol peel also be used on the body?

No. A phenol peel can only be used on the face. Superficial peels are more suitable for the body.

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