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A well-toned body with beautiful contours – that is the dream of many people. But a such body can often only be achieved with great effort – if at all. And then it is difficult to keep the dream figure. Genes and our lifestyle determine how our body looks. Some stubborn fat deposits just won’t go away.

Dr Duve offers everyone who wants to have their body shaped a great way to gain more self-confidence and a whole new body sensation with non-surgical body contouring.



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Advantages of body contouring

  • Tighten contours
  • A better body shape
  • Eliminate stubborn fat deposits

Treatment areas for body contouring

Abdomen, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, chest

What is body contouring?

In many cases, exercise and diet are not enough. There are fat deposits that are so stubborn that they cannot be treated with conventional methods. These self-perceived flaws become a problem for many people. They suffer psychologically and withdraw. Body contouring is a holistic procedure to shape the body in which, among other things, fat deposits are removed. This procedure includes many methods and techniques, all of which are suitable for tightening the skin and removing fat. As an alternative to plastic surgery – such as liposuction or surgical skin tightening – good results can also be achieved with minimally invasive methods.

For whom is the treatment suitable?

The treatment focuses specifically on shaping the body according to the patient’s wishes. People who no longer feel comfortable in their bodies have the opportunity to boost their self-confidence through various methods of body contouring. With his work, Dr Duve cares for people of all ages and advises each person individually. Generally, all parts of the body from the neck down to the feet can be treated. Common reasons for body contouring include the following: sagging skin due to advancing age, sagging skin after severe weight loss or one or more pregnancies, or diseases such as lipoedema, i.e. fat deposits that do not go away because they are caused by a disease. Can body contouring replace weight loss? Body contouring cannot replace weight loss. However, it can be treated like a supplement. When people lose a lot of weight, they lose fat, but sometimes the skin does not return to its prior shape. This happens especially when the weight loss is extreme and occurs very quickly. Otherwise, the procedure with its different methods can be used to remove stubborn fat deposits. It is therefore used when simple weight reduction no longer helps and does not deliver the desired results.

Can body contouring replace weight loss?

The costs depend on the effort and the selected method. The exact price including all additional costs (such as personnel) will be submitted to you during the personal consultation, as it varies depending on the individual situation and treatment area.

What treatment methods are available?

Body contouring includes various procedures to remove annoying fat deposits or sagging skin. Among others, Dr Duve offers the following treatments: —

  • Accent Prime (body contouring)
  • Agnes® (radiofrequency microneedling)
  • BTL Emsella® (core musculator, pelvic floor training)
  • Cellfina® (cellulite)
  • CO2RE Intima (vaginal tightening)
  • CoolSculpting® (cryolipolysis – fat removal with extreme cold)
  • JetPeel
  • LPG endermologie
  • PlexR®
  • StimSure® (muscle building through electrostimulation)
  • Swiss CellVibe®
  • Ultherapy® (skin tightening)
  • Ultraformer
  • VelaShape III

Dr Duve adapts the exact treatment to the respective body part and your wishes. You will have an opportunity to receive advice in a personal consultation. –

What should be considered before the treatment?

The preparation for a treatment depends on the particular method. Discuss with Dr Duve in a personal consultation what you need to consider. –

How much does the treatment cost?

The costs depend on the effort and the selected method. The exact price including all additional costs (such as personnel) will be submitted to you during the personal consultation, as it varies depending on the individual situation and treatment area. –

What side effects can occur?

With Dr Duve, you are in the best hands. Dr Duve has many years of experience and excellent expertise. Redness is to be expected depending on the treatment method, and swelling may also occur.

Frequently asked questions about body contouring

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

What is body contouring?

Body contouring refers to holistic body shaping, i.e. invasive, non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that target various areas of the body located below the neck.

How much does body contouring cost?

The prices for the treatment differ depending on the size and individual situation as well as the method. You will receive detailed information during your personal consultation. –

Is body contouring dangerous?

In the hands of an experienced doctor like Dr Duve, the risk is minimal. Swelling and redness are to be expected. –


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