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Slow down your ageing

The reasons for premature skin ageing are as varied as they are serious: prolonged stress, too much sun, smoking and an unhealthy diet also take their toll on our appearance. As a result, our skin ages prematurely. The complexion becomes pale and dull. Fine lines form in the skin, and pigmentation marks visually age us. But the skin on our bodies could also be more defined.

Using DNA analysis to combat premature aging

It is true that our cells are genetically predisposed, but the predetermined path can still be changed with a balanced lifestyle, adapted care and modern treatment options as well as the DNA analysis methods. But you should still be cautious, because you can only do so much and too much could be harmful.

Your individual treatment plan: Smart Ageing Concept

Based on your wishes, we determine together what your body really needs with the help of modern analysis methods, a detailed medical history and selected tests. For this purpose, I have developed my SMART AGEING CONCEPT to determine your very personal, ideal lifestyle and thus work out your individual treatment plan. My concept is based on six pillars, consisting of different treatment modules, from which your personal plan is put together – perfectly tailored to you.

The status quo – how is your body really doing?

In order to create your personal SMART AGEING plan, we first determine your current lifestyle through a comprehensive medical history. Then we use different, modern methods for the analysis:

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The DOCTOR DUVE SkinDNA test examines how well your skin can defend itself against external influences, what your genetic predispositions are and how susceptible you are to premature signs of ageing, such as collagen loss and glycation (adhesion of connective tissue).

Visia Scan

In order to be able to work out your individual treatment concept, three-dimensional images of your skin are taken with a high-resolution UVA camera under black light. Structure, pigment shifts, pore depth, wrinkles and redness are visualised using special software and analysed by the dermatologist. With these findings, individual concepts can be worked out for you.

Bioimpedance body analysis

With the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), your exact body composition is determined. We also determine your body mass index (BMI) by height, age and weight.

Determination of biological age

We analyse your biological age by looking at your genetic disposition and lifestyle (consumption of stimulants such as cigarettes or alcohol, exercise, diet).

Intolerance or allergy test/facial analysis

Just a look at your face reveals one or two intolerances or allergies. We use various tests to determine whether certain body reactions indicate a real allergy or simply an intolerance.

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Content on the way to a toned body

From the age of 30, our muscles begin to lose strength and the ageing process sets in noticeably. The skin becomes flabbier all over the body, begins to sag in places and affects our health as well as our appearance. We need active muscles because they protect us from lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, combat osteoporosis and ultimately make us happy. Exercise has a naturally positive effect on how we feel because it releases the body’s own happiness hormones, endorphins. That’s why fitness is an elementary component of my SMART AGING concept.


There are many different types of exercise, so you can choose what suits you best. There are many different types of exercise, you can choose what suits you and every step counts and helps to turn back the clock on aging a little. Don’t like strength training on machines or running? No problem, perhaps yoga or Pilates suit you better. Even at 50+ you can still discover new possibilities, such as barre fusion training. With the help of experts, we can create a completely individual plan for you or even arrange a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

Wellbeing – when skin and soul get the glow

Our skin reveals how we are doing. If we are frightened, our face turns pale because blood vessels are constricted by the stress hormone cortisol or adrenaline. If we get scared, our face turns pale, as blood vessels are constricted by the stress hormone cortisol or adrenaline, while hormones such as serotonin help us to glow in happy moments, as they promote blood circulation in the skin and give us a real glow. Following this logic, wellbeing is a pillar of my SMART AGING CONCEPTS.

Well-being through:

Scented candles

Scents reach the brain directly via the nose. Certain scents trigger emotions in us at lightning speed. The reason for this is the limbic system, one of the oldest parts of our brain. To increase your feel-good factor, my candles are scented with natural essential oils and thus help to visibly increase your feel-good factor.

Signature tea

Brewed from green or white tea, supplemented with fruit, herbs or even spices, tea is one of the oldest remedies in the world. As they have a direct influence on our well-being, I have included exclusive tea blends in my concept. DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care beauty and anti-aging teas have been specially developed for the beauty and health of the skin.


Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone, it is released during close physical contact and has a calming effect on the whole body. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone, it is released during close physical contact and has a calming effect on the whole body. It is also released during gentle touches such as massages. That’s why, in addition to traditional Asian massages, we also offer aromatic oil massages, hot stone massages and detox massages. The Tummy massage deserves special mention here. Many millions of nerve cells lie dormant in the abdomen; scientists often refer to it as the “abdominal brain”. Messenger substances are produced in the stomach that send certain signals to the brain and are significantly involved in the production of our happiness hormones.

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Nourishment for the skin

We’ve all been there: stressful everyday life between deadlines at work and family appointments. It’s easy to get comfortable and therefore often not healthy. This can lead to more weight – but also has an effect on our skin. Strong nails, beautiful hair and a well-formed body are always the result of a balanced and healthy diet. This does not require a diet that makes your stomach growl. We will help you choose a diet that fits in well with your daily routine and is tailored to your needs, while also providing the nutrients you really need for your skin and hair.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows it for strengthening the immune system, but vitamin C also makes a significant contribution to the formation of collagen in connective tissue. This reduces cellulite dimples and tightens the skin.

Vitamin E

Protecting skin cells from free radicals that accelerate skin ageing? Vitamin E maintains the intact skin barrier and thus promotes an intact complexion.

Vitamin A

The corneal layer of the skin protects us from external influences such as harmful substances and helps to prevent moisture loss from the inside.


Zinc combines many wonderful properties. Among other things, it has anti-inflammatory and sebum-reducing properties and can therefore help to alleviate the symptoms of late acne, for example, which many women over the age of 40 suffer from.

Egg white (protein)

Proteins provide protection against minor skin damage and can even protect against wrinkles.

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The beauty boost from within

They operate the body’s own control center: hormones. Everyone has them, everyone needs them, only the smallest deviations in the hormone balance shake up our sensitive system. The protein-like messenger substances control the entire metabolism and organ functions. Bones, tissue, muscle development, immune system – everything stands and falls with our hormone balance – not least our sense of well-being and also our sense of pleasure. But hormonal imbalances can also be seen in our skin: Blemishes, wrinkles, hair loss, cellulite or dry and flaky skin are caused by illnesses or hormonal imbalances.

But caution is advised: Under no circumstances should hormones be obtained or taken lightly. Therapy belongs in the hands of an experienced doctor. We check your hormone balance by taking a blood sample and/or saliva test. Hormones are only replaced in the same quantity that the body would normally produce if there is an actual imbalance. Different forms of therapy are suitable depending on the hormone: Tablets, injections, ointments, lotions or patches.


Testosterone is known as the virility hormone. But it also plays an important role in the female body. For example, increased secretion during stress can lead to skin blemishes. But it also has its positive sides – if applied as a plaster or ointment, it can help against cellulite.

Hair lotion containing oestrogen

Hair loss can have many causes. In addition to genetic predisposition, it can also be caused by hormonal factors such as the menopause. Hair lotions containing oestrogen can help.

Androgens and estrogens

Oestrogens, but also androgens (male hormones) help to form elastin and collagen in the connective tissue and thus ensure firm skin.


Also known as the corpus luteum hormone: progestorone strengthens the blood vessels and can therefore protect against spider veins and couperose.

Growth hormone

Growth hormone initially sounds like general physical growth. But HGH helps to build muscle and, conversely, to reduce fat.

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Essenziell: Pflege für die Haut

The right skin care is essential on the way to beautiful, revitalized skin. The right skin care is essential on the way to beautiful, revitalized skin, but the market is completely oversaturated with a multitude of different ingredients and products. Good tolerability and high efficacy are particularly important.

Good tolerability and high efficacy are particularly important.

Thanks to my many years of experience as a dermatologist and anti-ageing expert, I have developed my own skincare line. It combines the best of nature and research: DOCTOR DUVE medical skin care. The highly effective ingredients, which are considered the unsurpassed gold standard in skin research worldwide, all have a proven anti-aging effect.

The ingredients

Growth factors – stimulate cell renewal and thus also collagen production. The result: smoother and firmer skin.

Hyaluronic acid – stores large amounts of water in the skin and thus acts like an internal moisturizing mask.

Stem cells – obtained from raspberries or apples. They support cell renewal and thus help to protect the skin from external attacks. The tired connective tissue cells are literally woken up and the cell DNA is protected.

Peptides – they also play an important role in cell regeneration and help to improve communication between the individual skin layers. Peptides are protein chains consisting of two or more amino acids.

Vitamin C – it tightens the connective tissue by forming collagen in the skin, protects against free radicals and acts as a protective shield for our skin cells.

Vitamin A (retinol) – the all-rounder. It helps to repair damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, supports the formation of new supply channels to the cells, helps to form fibers in the connective tissue, moisturizes and even stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

Fruit acids (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA) – they both help to loosen dead skin cells and make the skin appear smoother and pores finer. BHA also provides moisture.

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