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Innovative infusion treatment for a refreshed body

Everyday life and the expectations of others place high demands on us and our bodies. As a result, our metabolism and body perform at peak levels. Therefore, the first warning signs that we have reached our limits are often ignored for a long time. This is exactly where the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa comes in.


What is a Drip Spa?

Drip Spa refers to infusions that supply the body with individually selected, highly dosed active substances in a very targeted manner. Much more than just a vitamin refiller, the holistic concept stimulates the body’s natural deep regeneration. What makes it special: When administered intravenously, 100% of the vitamin mix enters the blood.

Who is the method suitable for?

The programme includes a total of six infusions that treat various symptoms: Difficulty concentrating, symptoms of fatigue, sleep disorders, weight problems, excessive stress and persistent loss of energy in women and men.

How does the treatment work?

At the beginning of every DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa infusion treatment, a detailed medical history is taken in order to identify nutrient deficiencies and determine the necessary indications. Only then is the high-dose active ingredient infusion fed directly into the bloodstream without detours via the gastrointestinal tract – as is usual with a capsule. Apart from the insertion of the needle, the treatment is completely painless.

How long does a session last?

A session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. We recommend infusion therapy as a treatment series – at least once a year – with a total of eight applications over a period of four weeks.

Is there any downtime to be expected?

There is no downtime associated with the Drip Spa application. In rare cases, temporary nausea or dizziness may occur after the infusion. In very rare cases, temporary nausea or dizziness may occur after the infusion.

What do I need to be aware of after the treatment?

There are no instructions to follow after the infusion.

What results can be expected?

The result of a Drip Spa treatment is a rehydrated and regenerated metabolism and body.

Are there any known risks and complications?

The Drip Spa is a low-risk method, provided it is performed by an experienced medical professional who has the appropriate expertise. For example, overdoses can lead to kidney and liver damage. Overdoses can lead to kidney and liver damage, for example.

Frequently asked questions about the Drip Spa

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

What is the advantage of infusions?

If vitamins or food supplements are taken via the digestive tract, for example, in the form of capsules, some preparations may be poorly absorbed. With infusions, it is possible to administer nutrients and vitamins in coordinated, high doses. This ensures that the active substances reach the blood directly.

Does an infusion of vitamins replace a healthy diet?

Absolutely not. Although an infusion completely replenishes the empty vitamin reserves in the body, it cannot be equated as a substitute for a balanced, healthy diet, but should rather be regarded as a supplementary measure.

What are the infusions made of?

The six different infusions in the Drip Spa programme consist of different mixtures of saline solution, important trace elements, electrolytes, various enzymes and of course vitamins. Depending on the composition and concentration, the infusions provide a holistic energy boost for the body. Depending on the respective composition and concentration, the infusions provide a holistic energy boost for the body.

Can a difference already be noticed right after the Drip Spa?

The revitalising effect is noticeable immediately after the treatment, as the active ingredients enter the bloodstream directly via the infusion.

How do I know which infusion is right for me?

Before the right infusion is selected for you, a detailed medical history is taken. The appropriate Drip Spa is selected based on your personal symptoms. This ensures that the empty vitamin and nutrient reserves can be refilled directly.
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Detox Shot as an infusion treatment

DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Detox Shot

Today’s lifestyle promotes the accumulation of substances in our cells due to high stress levels, insufficient exercise, an unbalanced diet and the resulting over-acidification. However, we do not ingest all harmful substances via the environment or food; the body’s own processes also produce breakdown products, which are disposed of by the body via the lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and skin.

Due to today’s prevailing lifestyle, which is characterized by high mental and physical demands on all our resources, our organism quickly reaches its limits. Our cells can no longer function properly, as the metabolic breakdown products are inadequately eliminated. This manifests itself, for example, in symptoms such as fatigue, poor performance and loss of concentration.

The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Detoxshot Infusion was developed for this purpose. The sophisticated composition of chemical elements and compounds specifically promotes the body’s own metabolic processes and ensures reactivation. In addition to magnesium, copper and amino acids, cobalt and manganese are also used. Support your annual detox cure with the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Detoxshot Infusion. We recommend the Detoxshot as a cure with a total of eight applications over a period of four weeks.


DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Energybooster

What is noticeable in men through a decline in physical resilience, women notice through a lack of mental resilience. Our hormone metabolism has a significant impact on our entire organism, as do our moods and limits of resilience. If our hormone metabolism gets out of control, we quickly suffer the consequences.

The special composition of the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Energybooster Infusion with B vitamins has been precisely tailored to the needs of both sexes. The vitamin complex in combination with folic acid brings the hormone metabolism back into balance in the long term and ensures increased performance for both women and men. The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa infusion variant Energybooster F helps women to regulate their cycle and prevent bothersome discomfort and pain.

Our experts recommend the Energybooster infusion at least once a year with eight infusions for a period of four weeks. Whether for men or women, the Energybooster revitalizes you sustainably.


DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot

Whether for men or women, the energy booster revitalizes you sustainably. Our immune system achieves incredible things: we are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that try to break through our protection. The immune system plays the main role in the defense.

If our defenses are weakened, a lack of vitamin C and vitamin D as well as prolonged stress are often the triggers. Due to the weakened natural protection, flu-like infections and bacterial colds are often the result.

Specially developed to strengthen the immune system, DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot Infusion quickly and sustainably boosts your immune defenses against viral diseases. A healthy diet, enough sleep and exercise are not always enough to strengthen the immune system sufficiently. Even food supplements taken orally are not fully absorbed via the digestive tract.

The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Powershot contains high doses of vitamin C and zinc as well as the trace elements copper and selenium to strengthen the body’s own defenses and ward off pathogens and viruses.

Rounded off with amino acids, vitamin B12, magnesium and hyaluronic acid, the Powershot infusion helps to improve detoxification via the spleen, kidneys and liver. You will benefit from noticeable improvements after the first infusion. Our experts recommend a four-week course of treatment with one treatment per week for lasting results.


DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slimbooster

If you want to lose weight sustainably, there is no way around adjusting your diet and getting enough exercise. Die gesunde Ernährung legt hier den Grundstein für eine gesunde Darmflora. It has been proven that an imbalance in the microbiome of our gut leads to increased calorie intake from food compared to healthy gut flora. This has an impact – also on the scales.

In addition to dietary adjustments and more exercise, the body’s own breakdown processes, such as lymph flow and metabolism, should also be promoted. This is where the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slimbooster can help: it contains the protein compound L-carnitine to support fat loss, as well as L-glutamine in combination with magnesium to support muscle building. Vitamins B12 and B6 help to control appetite. The Slimbooster is supplemented by green tea leaf extracts, which increase the lymph flow and thus help to regulate the water balance.

The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slimbooster Infusion is ideally suited to accompany a change in diet and various fasting programs.


DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slow Down

We often put too much strain on our bodies through prolonged stress and overwork. We are no longer physically and mentally productive. In addition to the onset of burnout, high alcohol consumption can also be a factor that affects our body. Drinking too much alcohol causes us to lose too much fluid and, as a result, important electrolytes. This manifests itself in the form of headaches, sensitivity to light or even nausea.

The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slow Down Infusion was developed for these situations. The Slow Down Infusion minimizes oxidative stress thanks to the special composition of coenzyme Q10 and vitamins A, C, E and D. The infusion thus helps the body to promote and restart its own regenerative abilities. Tiredness, mental and physical stress are alleviated by the active ingredients N-acetylcysteine and taurine. The trace elements zinc and selenium complement the Drip Spa.

We recommend the Drip Spa Slow Down for deceleration and regeneration for people who are particularly challenged at work and in their social environment and who have to cope with major tasks. To ensure that your own performance is maintained, we recommend preventive use of the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Slow Down as a four-week course with a total of eight applications.

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DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Vitalglow

A healthy skin structure, beautiful firm skin and healthy hair play a major role in our appearance. The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Vitalglow was developed especially for this purpose.

The special composition of Drip Spa Vitalglow helps to gently improve the skin’s appearance and structure. Vitamins A, C and E help to prevent damage caused by free radicals. Zinc and silicon are known to keep hair and nails healthy. A hormone-balancing active ingredient in the DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Vitalglow Infusion provides a freshness booster for the skin.

The DOCTOR DUVE Drip Spa Vitalglow is recommended for maintaining and improving the health of the skin to prevent premature ageing. The infusion therapy can be used in addition to a medical or cosmetic facial treatment or as a four-week course with a total of eight applications.

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