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Wrinkles are part of life. Yet that does not mean it’s easy to discover more and more of them on your own face. Many people don’t want to accept wrinkles. And they don’t have to. Botox® can help minimise wrinkles and provide radiant and youthful facial features.

Dr Duve is an expert in the field of wrinkle treatment. He uses his experience and expertise to provide low-risk treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin.



Starting at EUR 250 per session


Approx. 20 minutes


Outpatient, local anaesthesia



Advantages of Botox® treatment

  • Smooth and youthful skin
  • Vibrant appearance without surgical intervention
  • Minimal risk and painless treatment

Treatment areas for Botox®

Forehead, area around the eyes, nose, chin, cheek/jaw

What is Botox® and how does it work?

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin which, in small quantities, poses no danger to the human organism. It produces proteins and inhibits the release of neurotransmitters to the muscle in order to prevent muscles from moving as much. As a result, the skin no longer wrinkles in the same places. Botox®, also called botulinum or BTX, is one of the most frequently used agents for the treatment of wrinkles in modern medicine. It is carefully injected into the skin with fine cannulas and causes the skin to look noticeably firmer for several months.

Besides softening wrinkles, other treatment areas have been tried and tested: among other things, Botox® is used to treat teeth grinding (bruxism) and migraines.

For whom is the treatment suitable?

Frau mit Falten im Gesicht

People develop wrinkles throughout their lives. When and to what extent they are visible is subject to various factors. Genes have an impact, but so does our lifestyle. Unhealthy food and too much sunlight can affect our skin and promote wrinkles.

We distinguish between three different types of wrinkles:

Dynamic wrinkles

Our facial expressions can cause wrinkles. Our facial movements constantly wrinkle in the same places until fine lines and eventually even deep furrows can be seen there – even when the muscles are at rest.

Static wrinkles

Our skin becomes drier and loses elasticity over time, leading to more obvious wrinkles

Actinic wrinkles

The environment also has an impact on our skin. For example, exhaust fumes and sun exposure can lead to wrinkles.

Botox® is used mainly to treat dynamic wrinkles. The concentrate is injected into the muscle, causing it not to move as much, which in turn saves the skin. Since dynamic wrinkles usually appear later in life, we treat many middle-aged people. However, the treatment is generally suitable for people of any age who feel uncomfortable with their wrinkles.

Which zones/areas can be treated?

A great advantage of Botox® is that it can be used on many different parts of the body. Botox® is well tolerated and promises stunning results for many months. The treatment intervals for refreshing the results also become longer and longer with the frequency of the treatments, allowing you to get more and more out of the individual treatments. These are the areas Dr Duve treats:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Eyebrow lift
  • ‘Bunny lines’ on the nose
  • ‘Strawberry chin’
  • ‘Gummy smile’
  • Face narrowing

What are other treatment options with Botox®?

Botox® is a drug that achieves various effects; in addition to wrinkle reduction, it is also possible to treat migraine and bruxism as well as excessive sweating. Good results can also be achieved with tension hair loss.

Botox® against migraines

Botulinum toxin helps against headaches and neck pain. Dr Duve injects the substance into the muscles of the neck and throat, which causes them to relax, thus significantly reducing the pain. Migraine attacks are significantly weakened, reduced or even completely eliminated.

Botox® against bruxism

Besides patients with severe wrinkles and headaches, bruxism patients can also breathe a sigh of relief. A Botox® treatment can significantly alleviate nightly teeth grinding. The teeth often suffer greatly from constant teeth grinding. Especially at night, sufferers often subconsciously succumb to this habit, causing their teeth to deteriorate over time. Furthermore, it can lead to tension and cramps, which can be very painful. Luckily, they can be relieved or prevented by Botox® providing relaxation at the crucial points.

Botox® against sweating

Sweating is a good and normal reaction for the body, but some people suffer from increased perspiration that causes them psychological strain. In these cases, Botox® is injected into the armpit to ensure that the sweat glands there are less active. Annoying sweat stains and unpleasant odours decrease. The palms of the hands or soles of the feet can also be treated in the same manner. Special areas with increased sweating such as the genital and/or anal region or the scalp can also be treated.

What should be considered before the treatment?

Before the treatment, you should refrain from taking blood thinners for some time – about 14 days. On the day of the treatment, you should also try to reduce your alcohol or tobacco consumption as much as possible or stop it entirely. As Botox® wrinkle treatment is a minimally invasive treatment that is performed on an outpatient basis, you do not need to take any other major precautions.

How does the treatment work?

First, Dr Duve will inform you about the individual result you can expect as well as the minimal risks and the treatment procedure. You are welcome to use this opportunity to ask questions and express your wishes. During the treatment, Dr Duve injects Botox® into your skin to fill in your wrinkles. This is done under local anaesthetic and is basically painless for you. The treatment consists of several small injections, which are performed under the highest concentration and with great care. The complete treatment takes about 20 minutes. Afterwards, you can leave the practice and immediately resume your usual social activities.

What should I consider after the treatment?

After the treatment, you should give your skin a little time to regenerate. In some cases, redness and swelling may occur, but these will quickly subside. You should avoid sporting activities and major exertion on the day of the treatment and avoid direct sunlight. By the next day, however, you will have recovered sufficiently to be able to carry out all activities.

How long does the healing take?

Healing does not usually take long. Patients can usually return to all activities after the first day. Especially important: you can carry on with your usual social activities the whole time.

When will the result be visible?

The result is visible after a few hours, but it only reaches its peak after a few weeks. Overall, it can be seen for three to six months before the effect wears off. Then a follow-up appointment can be made to refresh the result. Although the result fades again, it also lasts longer and longer with each treatment. As the number of treatments increases, so does the duration of the result.

How much does the treatment cost?

The treatment depends on the respective procedure and the area where it is applied. For example, prices differ depending on whether you are having wrinkle treatment or treatment for migraines. Dr Duve will be happy to advise you individually and provide you with a detailed proposal. Generally, the costs start at EUR 250.

What side effects can occur?

The risk with Botox® treatment is minimal. Nevertheless, side effects can never be completely ruled out. For example, it is possible that swelling may occur or that the skin in the affected area may become red. However, these side effects usually disappear quickly. Nonetheless, if you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Duve.

Frequently asked questions about Botox® treatment

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

How much does a Botox® treatment cost?

Prices start at EUR 250. Dr Duve will be happy to inform you about the costs for your specific case after a personal consultation. –

What are the side effects of Botox®?

In the hands of an experienced specialist, an anti-wrinkle injection with Botox® is harmless. However, redness, swelling and burning of the skin are possible. It is important to prevent Botox® from getting into muscles that you do not want to ‘paralyse’. Otherwise, undesirable effects may occur for the aforementioned period of three to five months. – – –

How long does the result of an anti-wrinkle injection with Botox® last?

You can expect the final result of the treatment after about one week. It lasts about three to five months. –

What should you consider after a Botox® treatment?

In the hours after the treatment, you should avoid sports and stay out of direct sunlight. We also strongly advise that you avoid sauna visits on the treatment day. –

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