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Our skin works. It constantly regenerates itself, protects us and provides clues about our health. It is the largest organ of the human body. But with age, it loses strength, becomes more susceptible to external influences and begins to look visibly flabbier. Wrinkles become deeper and more visible. The tissue sags due to declining collagen production and quality. Sculptra® is a biostimulant consisting of poly-L-lactic acid that provides valuable ingredients for older and sagging skin to stimulate collagen production and improve skin regeneration. The result: much smoother and firmer skin. You will look much younger and more vibrant thanks to a minimally invasive and low-risk treatment that only takes a few minutes. The main difference to traditional fillers such as hyaluronic acid is that it does not create more volume, but rather the skin and connective tissue regain firmness.



Starting at EUR 500 per session (two sessions are usually necessary for a good result)


Approx. 20 minutes


Outpatient, local anaesthesia, cream



Advantages of Sculptra®

  • Booster for the skin
  • Skin regeneration
  • Fewer wrinkles

Treatment areas for Sculptra®

Nose area, cheeks, mouth area, chin

What is Sculptra®?

– Sculptra® is a derma filler or connective tissue stimulator that can smooth and tighten wrinkles and sagging tissue. While hyaluronic acid can also be used as a filler and to plump up the skin, Sculptra® succeeds in stimulating the skin to produce new collagen. With this treatment, the result is visible after a few days and even lasts for several years. Sculptra® is injected with minimal risk in a session that usually lasts 20 minutes and does not require any recovery time. However, two treatments (four to six weeks apart) are usually needed for good results.

For whom is the treatment suitable?

Treatment with the derma filler Sculptra® is suitable for people who would like to have fewer wrinkles or sagging skin on the face, neck, décolleté or arms and legs quickly and without complications in order to boost their self-confidence and enjoy life more. Dr Duve generally treats all patients and provides competent advice with the greatest expertise and empathy. In a personal consultation, he will present the treatment to you in detail and inform you about the expected result.

This also includes a comparison with other treatments such as hyaluronic acid anti-wrinkle injections, stitches or Ultherapy treatment.

Which areas can be treated?

Sculptra® is particularly suitable for filling drooping and sagging areas of the face as well as deeper wrinkles. The following wrinkles can be treated particularly well with the innovative method.

  • Chin wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Sagging cheeks

Another treatment option is the contouring of the jawline or chin line. The décolleté, neck and sagging areas on the arms and legs can also be treated with Sculptra® to significantly reduce wrinkles. The method is less recommended for expression lines such as forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet. In these cases, Dr Duve prefers to use Botox®, as the wrinkles are dynamic or caused by the movement of the muscles. Lip injections and nose corrections, on the other hand, are treated with hyaluronic acid and are not suitable for Sculptra®.

What should be considered before the treatment?

You do not need to take any major precautions. Do not drink alcohol on the treatment day and refrain from taking blood thinners for 14 days prior to the treatment – it is best to consult your doctor about this. Please come to the treatment appointment without make-up.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment with Dr Stefan Duve always follows a similar routine and begins invariably with a consultation.

  • During the consultation, patients are informed about the risks and the expected result. Afterwards, the face is cleaned and disinfected on the treatment day.
  • A local anaesthetic ensures that you do not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • The Sculptra® solution is injected using very fine cannulas.
  • Patients can leave the practice immediately after the treatment.

The treatment usually takes about half an hour. However, treatment on a small area can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. The number of treatments depends on your individual situation and is performed at intervals of about four to six weeks. Usually patients need two (rarely more) treatments for an ideal result.

What should I consider after the treatment?

Cool the treated area and take it easy on the treatment day. Otherwise, you should observe the following:

  • Avoid extreme sun exposure of the treated area on the first day.
  • Avoid direct skin contact with the treated area.
  • During the first three days, the treated areas should also be massaged at home. You will receive detailed instructions on the day of the initial treatment.

Cool the treated area to prevent swelling and redness, which may happen but should not limit your social activities or cause severe pain.

When will the result be visible?

On the treatment day, you will already notice an increase in volume, and the skin will be visibly tighter and more radiant. The final result is only visible when collagen production has been fully stimulated again, which is usually after two to three months. It then lasts for over a year – and can be refreshed as often as desired. However, for a particularly long-lasting result, it is advisable for patients to undergo around two to four sessions.

How much does the treatment cost?

Treatment costs vary and depend on which area of the body is being treated and how large the areas to be treated are. In a personal consultation, Dr Duve will inform you about the exact costs in your specific case, and you will receive a final price, including all additional costs such as material and personnel fees.

What are the risks for side effects?

Minimally invasive procedures generally only pose a very low risk. However, adverse reactions cannot be completely ruled out. Dr Stefan Duve will inform you about all possible side effects in a personal consultation. Swelling and redness as well as temporary bruising are possible, but they usually subside quickly. If you have any questions after the treatment, you can contact Dr Duve’s practice team at any time.

Frequently asked questions about Sculptra®

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

How long does Sculptra® last?

The result lasts more than a year. To enhance the result, the treatment can be repeated after about six weeks and can also be performed as often as patients wish.

How expensive is Sculptra®?

Prices start from EUR 500 and depend on the area to be treated.

How does Sculptra® work?

Injecting the substance ensures that wrinkles are filled and collagen production is stimulated.

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