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Frau lächelt dank einer Lidstraffung und symbolisiert Laserbehandlungen

When you look at a person, the first thing you usually do is look into their eyes. It’s thus no surprise that an expressive and friendly look ranks among the beauty ideals of many women and men. But many of them suffer from droopy eyelids, which makes them look tired and significantly older. Cosmetics and make-up are often not enough to conceal drooping eyelids and the like. How about a more effective method that lasts even after you remove your make-up? With a laser eyelid lift, you can quickly and safely get closer to achieving a radiant look with expressive eyes.

Dr Duve has been an expert in laser skin rejuvenation for over 20 years. The PlexR® procedure is also another treatment we offer. During a personal consultation, we will determine the best method for you. – –



Starting at EUR 1,500


About 30 minutes per eye


Local anaesthetic and twilight sleep


7 to 14 days

Advantages of laser eyelid lifting

  • Reduction of wrinkles and drooping eyelids
  • Visibly more alert eyes
  • Minimal risk and painless treatment under anaesthetic

What is an eyelid lift and how does it work?

An eyelid lift is a minimally invasive method using a laser that is used to remove wrinkles, tighten the skin and, if necessary, also treat drooping eyelids. It uses high-energy light that penetrates the skin tissue as a concentrated laser beam. There it stimulates the formation of new collagen. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic. This in turn makes the area around the eyes look considerably more alert.

For whom is the treatment suitable?

An eyelid lift by laser is suitable for people who are bothered by sagging skin around the eyes or by drooping eyelids. Thus, people with drooping upper eyelids usually decide to undergo an eyelid lift. The method does not completely replace a surgical upper eyelid lift. If you want a perfect result, it can only be done surgically. However, the method is a good alternative for patients who do not wish to have surgery at first. But the lower eyelids can also be a trigger because the skin can start sagging, especially as people age. Moreover, wrinkles can also contribute to a tired facial expression.

Which zones/areas can be treated?

An eyelid lift can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelid. Upper and lower eyelid lifts are often combined.

What should be considered before the treatment?

Before the treatment, it is important to consider a few points. For example, no blood thinners should be taken for a few days beforehand. In case of doubt, you should talk to your attending doctor. An ophthalmological examination is also recommended to rule out potential eye diseases.

How does the treatment work?

We only treat our patients after a detailed consultation. Eyelid lifting is usually performed under local anaesthesia and twilight sleep. First, we disinfect and anaesthetise the eyelid area. As soon as the anaesthetic takes effect, we place the laser on the skin. You should expect a total treatment time of about half an hour per eye.

There is no pain thanks to the anaesthetic. At most, you may feel some tension and a slight burning sensation, similar to a sunburn.

What should I consider after the treatment?

After the laser eyelid lift, you can go home immediately, but we advise you to be picked up. You can return to your usual social activities after about ten days. It is important to cover the skin with sunscreen (SPF 50+) for at least three months afterwards. This is done to prevent pigmentation disorders. In the first days of healing, it is advisable to cool the eyes to reduce swelling. Aggressive skincare or cleansing products should be avoided. We will gladly provide you with detailed information in this regard.

How many sessions are necessary for an eyelid lift?

Only one session is necessary for a laser eyelid lift.

When is the result visible and how long does it last?

The result is visible as soon as the swelling and redness have subsided. This should be the case after about two weeks. Generally, it can be expected to last for several years. You can support this with a healthy lifestyle and high factor sunscreen.

How much does the treatment cost?

We will inform you about the costs during a personal consultation. It depends on whether you only want an upper or lower eyelid lift or a combination of both. Of course, the individual initial situation also plays a role.

What side effects can occur?

Generally, the eyelid lift with laser can be described as low risk. If performed professionally by Dr Duve and his team, you do not have to worry about serious side effects. However, some typical symptoms can always occur:

  • Small bruises,
  • Scabbing,
  • Redness,
  • Swelling.

However, they are no cause for concern and should have subsided after the healing period.

Eyelid lift with PlexR® as an alternative

As an alternative to laser eyelid lifting, Dr Duve’s team also offers PlexR® eyelid lifting. We use plasma technology for this procedure: an electric arc and thus an atmospheric plasma cloud is created, which can be used to remove the top layer of skin. With this method, drooping eyelids can be removed. The fast healing time is a major advantage.

Frequently asked questions about eyelid lifting

Answers from the expert Dr Duve

How much does an eyelid lift cost?

The cost of an eyelid lift depends on whether the upper and lower eyelids or only one area needs to be treated with the laser. The initial situation and the desired result also play a role. During a personal consultation, we can provide you with an appropriate costs projection.

What side effects can occur?

Swelling and redness may occur temporarily after the laser treatment. Immediately after the eyelid lift, limited vision is possible.

What should I keep in mind after the eyelid lift?

After the laser eyelid lift, it is important to cover the skin with sunscreen (SPF 50+) for at least three months.

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